Minneapolis, MN


The artist

I believe dreams are the space between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is where we may communicate with our Higher Powers, our deeper selves, spirit to spirit. During my most powerful dreams, my contact with the wild spirit is marked by my body's transformation into an animal, often a wolf. In this stronger form, I embark on a journey to rescue someone or something lost.

After I've woken, these shape-shifting dreams lead me to transformative places, experiences, and people. Through drawing and painting, I try to translate what I learn while wandering through my dreams and the real world: that each person contains a wild spirit capable of extraordinary love. We need to trust in that love. And for most of us, we need to resurrect that love, unearth it from a devastated world and breathe it back into life.

This rise of vibrant life from devastation is where I find the strongest beauty. And it is where I find my art. In many of my pieces, destruction is fading and renewal is taking shape. Through this theme, I hope to convey to myself and to others that there is no end, no failure, no last chance. There is only the certainty we will bloom into something more, someone unexpected.

I am lucky to live just outside Minneapolis, MN, with my lovely husband, Jordan, and equally lovely beagle, Lola. I love volunteering with birds at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville, MN, with a group of wild-spirited humans. I am eternally grateful for the wild-spirited pack of family and friends who raise me.

(If you are interested in a piece, wish to inquire about a commission, or have any other questions, please contact me at

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